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Confidence charter

My charter

Give genuine information

I will fill my profile with my real name, ID and a verified bank account. I will only publish coins that I intend to sell and which I have in my collection.

Be Reliable

I will fully detail the coins specifications and indicate if there are any negative aspects visible to the naked eye. I will indicate within how many days I will ship the parcels after receiving the payment.

Buy insured

I note that every Millenium State member provide personal and confidential data. I also accept to give mine to join this trusted community.

Enhance security

I will respect the security of the transaction by providing a valid tracking number to follow the parcel on the transporter website.

Be punctual

I will send my coin as soon as the payment on the website Millenium State has been proceeded and I will provide the tracking number. I will respect the preferences of the collectors and I will adopt the values of Millenium State: honesty, seriousness and friendliness in numismatics.

Beware of counterfeit coins

I am taking the responsibility not to supply counterfeit coins on this marketplace in order to benefit from it. I will fight against concealment and money laundering.

Leave honest feedbacks

I will leave honest, fair and polite feedbacks to other collectors.

Share your passion

I will share my passion with others so that the whole community can benefit from it!


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