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Geoffrey Winstein


I am a numismatic lover since the age of 15. First collector, then investor and finally salesman, I have seen each and every aspects of numismatics. It's is this experience that I want to highlight for all passionated people and the idea to gather everyone on this marketplace embodies a new beginning for me. We will give international perspective for this numismatic community via this innovating project. This is Millenium State!

Artūras Jurgelevičius

Business developer

Numismatics is like falling in love with someone except that in this case, the flame extinguishes. Once you enter this world, you cannot leave it, it becomes a part of yourself. Meeting people brings me a lot of pleasure in my daily work because each of them brings me a new emotion in my life.

Agnė Rimeikaitė

Graphic designer

The mystery that lies in rare coins from all over the world fascinates me. Each coin is magical and hides its own story. I am very honored to be part of this international project and to have the opportunity to express my creativity in this field. Finally, I hope to help Millenium State become the reference in this universe still enigmatic for me.