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Fast and reliable: Buy your favorite items and make transactions in complete confidence. Remember that buyer's fees are the lowest on the market.

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1. Find your Desires

Enter your keywords in the search bar and choose the coins, banknotes, medals, orders, decorations you want to buy. If you want more information about an item, you can send a message to the seller.

Check the sellers' profile : pictures, bio and feedbacks. Learn more about trust in the community.

2. Bid Now

Buy your desired items. The seller is immediately notified of your purchases or that you are the highest bidder.

Put your highest bid to have a greater chance of winning the item.

3. Purchase with Millenium State

There are two possibilities :

- Pay by Credit Card
- Pay by bank transfer

A notification will be sent to the seller upon receipt of payment. Within three days, you will receive a valid tracking number.

Novelty: Trust us for all your transactions. Learn more about our guarantee.

4. Receive your Items

Follow the delivery of your items using the tracking number.
You will get the payment once the parcel is received.

Tell us your opinion! You will be able to increase your experience level on MS and help us to improve the quality of our service.

Enter the Millenium State community and sell your coins, banknotes, decorations at the best market price.

Vous êtes Acheteur Millenium States

1. Post your Ad

Publish items, add photos, and provide clear specifications. Choose the best time to sell: when most people are online with a specific ending hour.

Millenium State suggests to be as honest as possible in the description.

2. Your buyers are bidding

Track your sales : the highest bidder or buyer will receive a notification in real time during the conclusion of the transaction.

All buyers are verified with bank guarantees before they can place a bid.

3. Confirmation of Order

Millenium State is your trusted third party. Please wait for the confirmation that the funds have been received before sending the item
All banking transactions are received by MS to ensure optimal security.

Please prepare the parcel once the transaction is completed.

4. Send the item

Send the item and within 48h add a valid tracking number to allow follow-up. This step is mandatory in order to collect the payment.

Scan your tracking number receipt. Kindly make a neat parcel for your buyers.