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Our services

Our services

What are the issues in the market?

User of several auction sites and numismatics platforms I have never been completely satisfied for several reasons:

  • Either the site is too general, so the numismatics is drowned within iphones, jeans and watches.
  • Either the platform is not global, you have to connect to several different sites to access customers from all over the world.
  • Either the site is not translated into the client's language, the user will be restricted to make transactions on the platform.
  • Either auction houses have to pay exorbitant fees to a key player on the market that has almost a total monopoly.
  • Or the private individual is blocked from selling his own collection and has to go through multiple intermediaries to withdraw his investments.

What solutions can we provide?

Being a collector, investor, dealer and expert, we have been able to observe the entire chain of value in numismatics and we strongly believe that today, we have all assets to succeed and to make you benefit from it.

  • A real expertise in numismatics with more than 20 years of experience in the field.
  • A passion that makes us vibrate every day.
  • A desire to undertake and improve what already exists.

What do we offer?

Addressed to private individuals, experts and dealers, we wish to democratize numismatics for curious people, to create a true community sharing common values and to position ourselves as a key player in the market.

  • We place support at the heart of our priorities: we are at your entire disposal for any question or request for information to offer you the solution best suited to your needs.
  • We guarantee the security of transactions thanks to the MS guarantee, ensuring both payment and delivery.
  • We offer you simplicity by offering you a single player for all your purchases and sales.
  • We offer you to organize your own auctions or to publish them on the largest numismatic portal in the world.

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