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Consign with us

Consign with us

A little reminder:

You have the possibility to sell directly online or, if you wish, you can consign with us your rare items whose unit value exceeds at minimum 200€ or a minimum 2000€ for a collection.

What does it consist of?

We propose to act as a third part in the valuation of your items on the Millenium State platform with two possible services.

  • Items can be put online on the marketplace.
  • Or during online auctions organized by Millenium State or third parties.

Why consign with Millenium State?

This service saves you time and allows you to benefit from our expertise in numismatics.

In addition to putting your items online on our platform, we also offer to take care of the different stages of the valuation of your items:

  • You can drop off or send your goods to our consignment center.
  • Your items are insured at their fair value.
  • We appraise your items and make professional pictures.
  • We manage your sales.

Seller Buyer

Items consigned for sale fall within the scope of the buyer's guarantee and promote confidence in transactions and better sales results for sellers.

Our relationship is based on listening and expertise, in order to meet 100% of your needs and your complete satisfaction.

To entrust us with your items, please contact our experts at the following consignment@millenium-state.com


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