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Publish auction

Publish auction

You are an auction house and would like to publish a sale?

Simple, fast and online within 48 hours.

Step 1: Send us your pictures, descriptions and starting prices, the sale is published within 48 hours.

Step 2: Millenium State is in charge of collecting orders from customers from all over the world and an administrator interface is at your disposal to manage all your bids.

Step 3: Finally you have the possibility to organize a live sale simultaneously or not on several platforms and you will benefit from our large online audience. (Optional).

Would you like to organize your own auction?

Congratulations! We have created all the tools to allow anyone to organize their auction without exorbitant fees and complex management.

Millenium State offers various services, including the creation of auctions directly on the platform. In addition to offering you a consequent saving of time, we put at your disposal our international network and our centralized platform.

What are the advantages of joining us?

  • An online auction platform and a marketplace on one single website.
  • We have new registrations every week.
  • We have an international audience and more than 15 languages online, covering most of the world.
  • We have a dedicated customer service department that listens to you, and we are specialized in numismatics, which makes us a competitive advantage for you.
  • We are located in Luxembourg, a stronghold for international transactions.

If you are interested, please contact us at auctioneers@millenium-state.com

How much does it cost to put it online?

  • Publish your online auction → free of charge.
  • Collect bids from 15 to 30 days → free of charge.
  • Promotion of your auction to our customers → 499€ (+ VAT).
  • Use of our live bidding:
    • 1500€.
    • Extra 100€/hour if remote assistance.
    • Extra 150€/hour if assistance of a collaborator in the room (France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy).

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