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MS Guarantee

MS Guarantee

What is the MS buyer's guarantee?

The MS security guarantee, applied to all our merchandise, allows us to anticipate possible disputes that may arise between a buyer and a seller. By ensuring a guarantee of delivery and payment, Millenium State commits itself to the service of the purchaser by providing him a total serenity of purchase. This guarantee is declined in two parts:

  • The guarantee of payment: the seller only receives his due once the proof of shipment of the goods has been received (minimum 21 after the delivery date).
  • The guarantee of delivery: the goods are stored in the Millenium State consignment center. Insured delivery with registered mail, FedEx, TNT or DHL to worldwide destinations.

What are the conditions?

Any merchandise that is purchased on the platform can benefit from the guarantee.

What is the MS Sales Guarantee?

The items are appraised by our experts and a label is put online on the item page to indicate that the items are protected by this guarantee. This is a way to stand out and prove your good faith in order to sell your items at the best price.

It is also a way to reinforce the buyer's confidence since he knows that the items are in the deposit center and that he will be sure to get the goods delivered.

Seller Buyer

What are the conditions?

Clients wishing to benefit from the seller's guarantee must send their items for consignment in Luxembourg.

We accept any goods appraised by PCGS and NGC, any currency in gold from any period and/or any items appraised by us as authentic.


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