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Sell online

Sell online

Welcome to Millenium State, the first Marketplace entirely specialized in Numismatics. It is a unique platform that brings together passionated collectors, dealers, investors and art lovers united around common values in numismatics.

How to sell on Millenium State?

To sell an item on Millenium State, different steps are to be followed:

  • Create a free account.
  • Follow the link to upload an item online.
  • Opt for a subscription and reduced fees.
  • Receive money directly from the purchaser or from Millenium State.
  • Deliver the package with a registered tracking number within 3 working days after the buyer's payment.

Direct payments: Buyer -> Seller

Buyer Seller

Payments with MS Guarantee: Buyer -> MS -> Seller

Buyer Seller

The Millenium State Guarantee: The platform acts as a Third party security between buyers and sellers. The payment is hold by Millenium State until the item is received by the buyer.


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