How does it work?

How does it work?

  1. Publish an item

    User can easily create a free account on Millenium State and publish items: coins, banknotes, medals or orders. While registering users can choose one of three subscriptions: Freemium, Premium or Millenium. The dealers who choose Millenium subscription will be able upload hundreds items by using CSV file in a matter of a few minutes. As a seller, user is able to choose sale format: “auction” or “buy it now”.

  2. Purchase an item

    Online bidder is able to bid or buy an item directly. After purchase, the buyer has to proceed with the payment. If the price of the item is less than 200 €, the buyer has to pay by credit card. If the price of the item is more than 200 €, the payment has to be made 20% by credit card and 80% by bank transfer to Millenium State account. Once payment is received to Millenium State account, the seller gets notification that payment is received.

  3. Shipping with a tracking number

    Once the seller receives notification about payment, the seller has to ship item to the buyer with a tracking number. The seller has to provide tracking number to Millenium State so that all parties would be properly informed about movement of the parcel.

  4. Withdraw funds

    When the buyer receives the item and transaction is successfully done, the seller can withdraw his funds after maximum 21 days when shipment is done.