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What is Experience Level ?

When you trade on Millenium State, you negotiate with a member in a trustful community. Each member has their own Experience Level, the level evolves according to their seniority and activity on the website.

High level of experience on the website indicates that you are a trusted member of the Millenium State community. Your level is calculated in accordance with 5 factors:

  • - Email address and phone number verified
  • - Verification of your bank account
  • - Your subscription to Millenium State services
  • - The number and the part of positive feedbacks you have received
  • - Your seniority on the platform since your registration date

Email verified Welcome!
Mobile verified Welcome!
Verified bank account
Positive feedbacks received 10 Feedbacks
100 Feedbacks
500 Feedbacks
1000 Feedbacks

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How to increase your Level of Experience ?

Complete your profile up to 100%: Enter your identity, year of birth, the items you are planning to buy or to sell and tell us more about yourself by completing your bio.

Verify your email inbox and your phone number. This increases your level of experience as members will be sure that a person from Millenium State can reach them at any time.

Have your bank account verified. This increases your level of experience because members want a safe transaction.

Indicate your preferences

This increases your experience level because members will be better informed about you. You can indicate in 3 clicks if you speak several languages, if you accept worldwide shipping, etc.

Give and receive feedbacks: Both leaving and receiving feedbacks are important for your Level of Experience! Publishing feedbacks after using the marketplace allows us to provide information about the smooth running of transactions and exchanges between users. The more positive feedbacks you get, the higher your experience level will be. Our rating system is based on a scale from 'To avoid' up to 'Perfect'. 'Very good' and 'Perfect' are considered as positive feedbacks while 'To avoid' and 'Disappointing' are considered as negative feedbacks.

The best way to get a feedback is to regularly make secure transactions on the website and leave a review: 95% of members who post a review get a feedback!

Become an Expert: What are the benefits?

Experts have a privileged status in the Millenium State community: Members trust more experts. They prefer to negotiate with them and sales prices are often better as a comparison. Millenium State experts can be invited to interviews, actively participate in meetings or events, test our new features and much more etc.

Trust is the key for success !

By increasing your level of experience, by leaving feedbacks and completing your profile on Millenium State, we create together more confidence in the community. Trust is a very powerful element that allows us to share even more. The more we share, the more we benefit!

In Millenium State, trust is utterly important that is why we have created our own superhero: Charles



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