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A trusted community

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A trusted community

Millenium State is the first Market place specialised in numismatic, opened to everyone including amateurs, collectors, dealers and auctioneers from all over the world. We will personaly take care of the security and certification of each profile.

Buy and sell with confidence

You can check our members' verified information, preferences and levels of experience by clicking on their profiles

Check other members' feedbacks

Choose the coins you want. Feedback will give you a preview of the seller profile.

Detailed description

Thanks to developed tools, sellers will be able to make better descriptions of their items, and prove their honesty. Profiles, pictures, ads and feedbacks will be moderated to ensure confidence.

Secure transaction

Buyers send their payment to the trustworthy third-party, Millenium State. Once the parcel has arrived, the funds will be available on the seller's Wallet. As soon as the buyer receives the parcel, the seller is notified with a message that the funds are available.

No more outstanding payments

Anyone who wants to bid must provide their credit card details and a valid bank account. The buyer will be credited of his available funds once the item is won. Sellers therefore have a guarantee that the buyer is reliable.

Send by registered mail

Each seller can choose their preferred carrier. All parcels must be sent via registered mail with a tracking number so that the seller can credit their wallet.

Litigation management

Litigation management is simplified in order to create trust in the marketplace. Members who do not respect the charter of confidence will receive a warning before being permanently banned.

Fight counterfeiters and counterfeit coins

It is strictly forbidden to sell counterfeit items on the marketplace. If you notice any suspicious items or members, please report them to us.


Every coin and medal can be insured. In addition to postal insurance, Millenium State provides insurance services developed in partnership with various insurances companies.

Improving services

Try it and adopt it. All the services that you think useful, wise or that can help the community will be the subject of a round table discussion.

You can rely on us

Our customer support is available every day to help you use Millenium State more easily, including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


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